.    Welcome to American Authentication. Professional Autograph Authentication services. American Authentication provides consumer protection and value preservation For consumers, Dealers, Collectors and charities by verifying the quality and originality of autographs and entertainment memorabilia. We have worked closely with many  high profiled Auction Houses and collectors to providing guarantee of the autograph's guarantying authentic items as such for life.
 Due to the amount of unauthenticated autographs on the markets these days, too many people they may look authentic, but our professional authenticators have been working in this field for over 20 years and have one of the highest knowledge in signed memorabilia around.

Our Authentication Service gives clients signed Certificate of Authenticity with detailed information of the autograph and will included a photo of the signature(s) so the item can been seen if it's wished to be sold on in years to come.


Authentication from companies like ours does add value to your autographs.
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We are specialists in Music Autographs.
Autograph Authentication
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